March 5th, 2013

My baby.


I haven’t written about us in a while, and that’s because I flew away from you. On January 25th, I left the West Coast and returned back to my home on the East Coast to attend school once again, four days after we met a year earlier. I haven’t seen you since Christmas, and I’m now 6 hours away by plane. I miss you.

You told me to go. You thought it would be best if I went home. I was miserable and lonely; your visits were the only light I had in a dark tunnel, and those only came so often. Now that I’m here, I have friends and family distracting me from the hole in my heart that results after I kiss you goodbye at the airport. Time seems to fly, but one day we’ll be together for good, no more goodbyes.

But you’re coming for my birthday! Only 21 more days until I get to pull you down to my level and cover your face in kisses, to run and jump into your arms. Since I’ve waited so long to do so, I’m entitled to do anything that may be considered lovingly-embarrassing in public.  I can’t wait to have you for the ten days you’ll be here. I can’t wait to kiss every inch of you, come home from class and crawl back into bed just to listen to you breathe. Nothing else matters when I’m with you. Baby, you’re my everything.


I used to not tell people about our relationship, as mean as that sounds. I was afraid of judgement. Afraid of not being taken seriously, like i couldn’t get a boyfriend “in real life.” That’s not the case. I could, and have gotten boys in “real life,” but the issue is that that’s just what they are, boys. I found a gentleman. A sweet, gentle, loving, caring, smart, funny, sexy, empathetic, creative, and amazing man. And he’s all mine. You’re all mine. I’m the luckiest girl in the whole world.

Yes, I’m smiling, and yes, it’s because of you.