Our Whirlwind Love

Oh, dear, My dear,

I haven’t written to you in quite a while, and I feel like a bad girlfriend. So, this is gonna be a long one, so sit back. 🙂

So much has happened, but you already know that.

I came to see you on July 30th, and it was one of the best trips yet. Not only did we have an extremely great time, but I fell in love with you all over again. I didn’t tell you this, but it was needed to continue this thing. Our relationship is one of the worst kind, and I wouldn’t wish this distance on anyone. I am constantly lonely, heartbroken, and struggling to remember what you feel like, what you smell like. I miss you all of the time. I desperately needed to come and love you and to discover why I fell in love with you in the first place. Endless obstacles seem to keep throwing themselves in our way, but I’ve again regained firm hold of your hand and we’re not going anywhere, baby.

We had an amazing trip. We went to the beach and held hands while walking along the pier. We laughed and giggled and smooched. We played in the water. We saw a wedding during sunset and stuck around to see them kiss (and yes, we kissed too.)

Next, we were off to San Francisco. Remember we stayed up all night trying to plan out our route and how to get there by public transit? It worked, though, and we went everywhere we wanted to. First, we went to Alamo Square Park and made new friends with the dogs and their owners. Then, spontaneously, we went to the house shown on Full House. It took us forever, but thanks for agreeing to a side adventure with me. Next, we trekked to the bridge and saw it in the daytime (finally!). It was absolutely stunning and soon became one of my favorite places. I loved being up there with you. We walked the whole thing, (twice!), and all while holding hands.

(BTW, you just texted me and told me I’m a dork. Thanks beeb, love you too.)

Unfortunately our trip ended too soon and now I’m back here again, missing you like always. We have another trip in the workings for December, but its too far away yet to get excited. That’s just how our relationship is baby, thriving on trip to trip. Although…

You brought up the subject of moving in together recently. Oh you charmer, you still know how to make my heart stop, don’t you? You opened a can of worms, baby boy, and it’s just taken off. We’re both planning right now to finish school, then see how it goes from there. I’ll be done by next year and you soon after. We’ve been thinking about settling in Texas, near Houston or San Antonio. I’ll be a nurse and you a firefighter. We’ll have a cute little home with a cat and a dog and maybe some future cute little babies.
I just want to start our life together already and I don’t care where it is. I’d go anywhere with you.

Our love has always been somewhat of a whirlwind, with planning trips on a whim and advancing with our own stages of what comes next. All I know is that I love you more than I thought was possible, and I just can’t wait to see you again, my dear.

All my love,