Well, Here We Go!

My love,

It’s been quite a while since I wrote to you, hasn’t it? Every time I promise to write more often, but I never do. I guess the freedom of open posting is there is no deadline, so I can share what I feel when I feel it. Really, though, I should write more often. 🙂

My babe, I miss you terribly. I feel like I spend most of my time longing for you, for your touch, for your smile. We just had another fantastic trip that again ended too soon. I arrived in California on March 28th to your waiting arms. We spent 9 days together, including my 21st on April 5th! As usual, we ate a TON, but hey, that’s what vacation is for, right? We relaxed and went to the movies, the mall, and walked hand-in-hand around downtown, laughing, playing in the fountain, and being a normal couple. We made new memories in old places like Santa Cruz & San Francisco, and explored new ones like Monterey, Seaside, and Big Sur. A helicopter tour over Big Sur was in store for my birthday, along with a warm sunny day playing in the pacific ocean, and finally bringing our trip to a close by basking in the beach sunset while sharing secret drinks and semi-drunken kisses listening to the huge waves crash on the bluff. (Is this really our life? LOL) On April 7th we kissed goodbye yet again, but not for long…

Remember how I always say plans never come together how we put them?                                                                                       
Well, again, our latest ones were no exception.

I was expecting to attend a school for nursing nearby, but unfortunately I was not admitted. I was quite unsure of what I should do, there was no guarantee I would get in next year either. I would have to continue with my two jobs, living in a place I despise, and start paying back my student loans. It also meant it would be a long time until I graduated, which also meant longer time away from you. So you, my logical half, suggested applying to the school you currently attend.
I got in.

We have to work out a few details, but this means..

I’m moving to California!!!

This also means the next time I get off of that plane and wrap you tightly in a hug, I’ll never have to let go. I won’t have a week, or ten days, or any limited time to fit in all of the kisses I could possibly need until another 3-6 months. I’ll get them whenever I need them. It’s faster than we expected, and I am am a little apprehensive, but this is my dream coming true, and I couldn’t be happier. Not with my life, not with who I am, and not with you. I couldn’t be happier or more excited than I am right now (or will be in 3 months).

We’ll finally be a normal couple. We can actually have date nights, we can hold hands, we can have movie marathons and road trips and…everything we’ve ever wished we had the opportunity to do together.

They always say love will find a way, and finally, it has.

Here we go!

Love you always and all ways,