Post-Trip Feelings

My dear.

Will you come back? I miss you already.

Today, I said goodbye to you once again, and I only cried twice. Each time, it seems to be a little more bearable to watch you walk away, our last kiss tingling delicately on my lips. I was okay, until I came home and opened my door, alone once again. My room was still decorated from your surprise for my birthday, and these balloons are just making me sadder.

You are sincerely the sweetest boy I’ve ever met, and I’m so grateful for the external matchmaker that put us together. It truly amazes me that we could have never even met if you hadn’t taken a chance and texted me, a stranger, on a God-given whim. You know I’m not religious, but it’s things like our relationship existing that makes me believe wholly in a generous God. It gives me someone to thank for giving me the wonderful gift that is you.

Your birthday gift was one of the best things I have ever received from anyone, ever. You presented me with a journal of your feelings, kept since the day we booked the tickets for you to come see me. You scrawled little handwritten notes to me about what was going on and how you couldn’t wait to see me. You completely eliminated any future feelings that you don’t care. Plus, you managed to surprise me, which is no easy feat. You have no idea what those pages filled with your child-like scribbled notes and drawings mean to me. It’s all I wanted, and as always, you didn’t fail to make me cry.

We fought a couple times, and I’m sorry I always become angry so quickly. We could probably chalk it up to staying in an 11′ X 8.5′ dorm room for ten days, and sleeping on a twin-sized bed, snuggled together. We made up, though, which is all I could ask for.

Everyone that you met here said the same thing: “I’ve never seen you happier than with this boy.” That’s because you have my heart, babe, and when you leave my life temporarily and involuntarily stops to wait until you come back. In every picture we take, I positively glow with happiness, contentment, and love. You are my future, baby. You’re my Mr. Right, my high school sweetheart, my knight in shining armor, my prince charming, and my husband-to-be. I am absolutely certain of that, since I cannot imagine sharing more than a casual meal with anyone else.

It must be true love.

I’ll see you again soon, my baby, and until then I’ll be here, missing you.